Tanya Morgan – Ahead Of You (Ygwy$4 Album)

person Cuslifolder_openNexusaccess_time August 15, 2017

Back to the o.p.,
I did it all

Why niggas be shocked we went in?
Letting other brothers win
Please dont be surprised they listen to slim Biggie
More than the prestige
One day ill seal the seams…
More than a Presley
They need the dream
The nerve of ya
Get it they now with it
Screaming you ain’t gotta like me
Who stole all they know
By the time they see im one of the best
Win the vote then build the moat
More than the prestige
No thanks im courteous…
And I speak for the once and future
I ain’t counterfeit
Some sat with it and some slept
Morgan the best we
I ain’t counterfeit
Get it they now with it
But get it now
Morgan the best shes already in next week
Ahead of you…
Killing shit is how I make a living
Im Spike Lee with a 5D
It was bound to hit
Well, maybe the back catalogs furniture
We all man colors no hints of fuchsia
More than a Presley
Already in next week
Lets see if they follow the flow
Im growing into what im fitted for
Im sitting on 20s
Fitted up, been in war
I rap ridic and throw ‘bows at burglars
We ain’t playing around with it
Reinstill the hopes of skilled approach
Life is cool baby let me introduce ya
Let em see how it feels and build esteem
Ready? here we go
We ain’t playing around with it
Wait I take it back
It was bound to hit
Ahead of you
Now that I got your attention again, gimmie

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