Ice Cube – The Birth (Death Certificate 25Th Anniversary Edition Album)

person Cuslifolder_openNexusaccess_time June 19, 2017

[footsteps] [Operator:] Dr. Bruce, telephone please, Dr. Bruce, telephone, please.

[Mother:] [screaming] [crying]
No beginning and no ending…BEFORE Alpha, and AFTER Omega!
The black father and mother of morality, medicine, music and mathematics
We must KILL, and get rid, of the peace breaker. [beat fades-out]
[Doctor:] I see the head…
[Heart monitor beeps in the background]
History and historians’ll record…
Khalid Muhammad:] [Dr.
[Doctor:] Push! Push!
[Newborn:] [crying]
It’s not all that bad C’mon, honey, push a little harder. [Nurse:] C’mon.
The father and mother of all the nation of religion, philosophy, art, science and civilization!
[Doctor:] C’mon…push!
[Mother:] [screaming] [crying]
Before HIM there were none
[Doctor:] It’s a boy. [beat starts]
[Nurse:] C’mon!
Is he WAS, he IS, and he SHALL BE!
[Nurse:] C’mon, honey!
And after HIM, there will be NO MORE!
[Doctor:] PUSH!
All they can say about the black man…
The black man and black woman have no FURTHER!
Before we can make a way for the peace maker…

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