Doobie – Hopeless 2 lyrics

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How could you leave me forever
Without dying? You ain’t ever seen this high, I got the high seat
I see some fish in the sea, we call em Pisces, and I’m looking for a rider,
Shorty ride me, hello And this shit sad as hell, made me mad as hell, can I keep it all together? Time is money, but we broke and we still can’t find time, take this wisdom
And stop trying to be the wise guy

I guess all the wrong things gotta happen at a right time, you don’t get
What you want, without trying
That’s like trying to see without lighting or a record deal without signing
A boxing match without fighting
That’s like cutting onions without crying
Cheating on your girl without lying
How you gonna shit on them without wiping? I thought you was getting that money, 2 treed I’m
Scummy, 2 cups that muddy, boy your girlfriend love me
I could let your mom fuck me, your little brother look up to me more than
His own damn brother
I inspire these kids, don’t lie to these kids, put my life in this shit,
Had to fight for this shit, no denying it
I put hella time in this shit, spent my last on this shit, all I had on
This shit

I’m just trying to get richer then the richest motherfucker; you ain’t have
No hunger – you ain’t gonna make it
Do it bigger then the biggest motherfucker, I got so much anger, just like? How could you expect to get to the top without climbing? and killed the finish
I come home off them drugs and I’m looking different, I had to get it – I
Hope you did

Cocaine Christmas, got so many hits it’s a hit list, crowd singing for the
I need me a bad bitch, that runs her mouth less and gives mouth sick
?, Imma drown in, kick it out, the outta town shit, cut money like the
Grass sweat, I be sending bitches like my last text

You gave me hope and I’ve noticed
I lost all hope and got focused
The weight of the world on my shoulders, weighing the highs and the lows,
Weighing the highs and the lows
I lost all hope and got focused, you are the reason I wrote this, you are
The reason I’m hopeless

Going through it, boy it’s hard as hell, someone got it worse, sometimes
It’s hard to tell
Woke up in the morning – heard my little homie shot himself, no one heard
His call for help, who could stopped him of he couldn’t even stop himself? Drop a six in the lemonade, swerving on the interstate
Scooby-dooby shorty, I go skinny dipping in the lake
Six in the minute maid, drinking, I ain’t sipping, man
Shorty hit a cut, let me hang it like a picture frame
I need you to know I don’t need you
I cut that little baby bitch off, now I’m living great, I eat her, she feed
Me, I feed her, she eat me, I call that shit a dinner date

Back when you was with me, way down on the bottom
Start gaining stardom then we started having problems, told you girl I
Called it
I knew it girl I saw it, you can change on your partner but you can’t
Change your karma
Thank God I got the snakes out the grass now, shorty on my sack now, ’cause
I got that sac now, break a little pack down, we ain’t doing bad now, tear
The shirt off, let the tats out

Homie what you mad about? Momma, I’m sorry it took a minute, gave em a? Only time will tell
My Aunt April just died too, a couple days before April, I wish it was
April Fools, damn

Scars open, heart broken, I’m hoping for a new day, demons stay with me
Just like a roommate, you gave up on me way too soon – and now it’s too
All the times I’ve waited for you, it’s time that you wait, hit-hit lines
In the ride, that’s a line-drive, cocaine got my heart beating, I need a
Lifeline, you ain’t got nothing to hide – well why hide? Take care of your shit without whining, I want you to think of me, but
Don’t mind me

And if there’s a God, I’d ask him why me?

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