DEMRICK – Hands Up (feat. Reezy)

person Cuslifolder_openNexusaccess_time August 15, 2017

Gold chains, couple bands, pants that’s [?]
Every day on social media fiending
Keep ’em up where I can see ’em, hands up
Big bank account, look how far a nigga took it
[Verse 1]
Call me Demrick or Young Deezy
Keep your hands high, hands up
Hustle hard get the [?] without the [?]
Glued to YouTube like the team
Whole world sleeping, now they hitting on the snooze
Hands up
Keep ’em up where I can see ’em, hands up
Hands up
Right now niggas tryna stand out just to fit in
Watching other people make moves, I never understood it
Cops is crooked as the pictures at my granny’s house
Our president use 140 characters for trippin’
Shit changed, Kanye’s music ain’t as good as his shoes are
What the fuck you mean, you only did it for the views?

Drink a bottled water, $3 for the fee
There’s a underline player hidden where the fiends be
Call the studio the kitchen the way a nigga be cooking
Keep ’em up high where I can see ’em, hands up
No hand outs, had to take the man route
Good to see somebody coming up from the hand-me-downs
I made my dreams come true without a genie

Keep your hands high, hands up
Police, they pull the triggers like that shit don’t make a difference
Hands up
Bitches thirst, trapping on their gram, everybody slittin’
God damn, shit got me confused
Keep ’em up high where I can see ’em, hands up
Big smile ’cause I did what they said I couldn’t

Hands up, shots fired, man down

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