Crywank – Ego Is A Phoenix Lyrics

person folder_openNexusaccess_time May 25, 2020

Couldn’t get my head around my head and so I wrote some songs
Tried to get   some   sympathy for shit   I alone f*cked up
Tried to chase   some ego death my ego is a phoenix
Soon I believe   all   that   strangers say, what’s   bad and whats   good
[Verse 1]
I can waste a day
Sat in the same place
Searching mentions of my name
And pictures of my face
I can waste a life
Fueling myself with spite
But when things are getting better
It still remains my drive
Tried to give a present to my friends neatly wrapped up
The present to my friends all along was really me
And what I have as a gift turned out to be a burden
And what I spoke of as I turned out to be we
[Verse 2]
Don’t ask me
I’m just the drummer
I watch you being passive
To those who support us
I became a bitter monster
You’re one now too, I see
Maybe I find it the hardest
When you start to act like me me
Tried to try again but we fell for the same traps
It all becomes a job in some form or way
Lose grasp of a passion soon loneliness seeps in
For months the other’s only familiar face

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