Cool Short: Star Wars Anime – Season 1: Episode 1 “Only Hope”

person Cuslifolder_openNexusaccess_time April 13, 2020

Star Wars Anime Chapter 1 of 4 is here! I even had to basically re-animate an entire scene from scratch and quite a few other key moments (see if you can guess which ones in the comments) One other big change is of course the scene in the beginning where I added a pretty killer Vader line that appears in the comics, I feel it fits perfect in the hallway scene! I have taken some creative liberties with a few things simply because of the limited animations to pull from. Next PostPrevious Post Posted by Phil on Apr 10, 2020 in action, All, animated, Comics, Film, Mashup, News, sci-fi, short film, thriller | comments

This is very cool. You guy asked for it, so here it is! Thank you guys so much for the support and the positive vibes, its truly been an awesome experience going from 0-2,200 SUBS Y’all are amazing!!!! The animation style begs the question, what if we had a whole show in this anime inspired feel? Here is what the had to say about it:

This is a Fan Re-edit! ScoundrelMedia took some of the animations from Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures and turned it into an anime. Sorry this video has taken so long to get out, there has been quite a few hurdles. We’re back!! The Galaxy of Adventures animation team went all in for these 50 sec star wars kids videos.

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