Clevva – Daydream Drippin’ lyrics

person Cuslifolder_openNexusaccess_time June 6, 2018

That’s why we must all learn to drip on every dream available

[Verse 2]
Altogether we daydream drippin, been strugglin just to fit in
People sat around telling stories, then they ask me to begin
So I tell you bout my daydream, they all just laugh and I scream
Runaway to a happy place, in my mind I find new dreams
I’m just looking for a reason, a reason to laugh and smile
A reason to finish this track, because I just wanna go for awhile
Chill, no rap in the Bahamas, reppin that holiday shorts style
Tribulations,an exciting story, make a generation smile
I can’t even be bothered finishing this I just wanna go and daydream
Peace I know you have not, but I have. Daydream drippin’
Daydream drippin’
Daydream drippin’
Daydream drippin’

Yeah I’m thinkin bout you
Yeah I’m thinkin bout you
Yeah I’m thinkin bout you
Yeah I’m thinkin bout you

Cause i’m daydream drippin’
Daydream drippin’
Daydream drippin’
Daydream drippin’

[Verse 1]
Alone I’ve been daydream drippin, I’ve been stuck just thinkin
Gotta deal with this n that, been feelin like I’m sinkin’
I’ve been feelin’ kinda down, dreams just sink in
Now I’m lookin to the sky, waitin for happy to kick in
I wanna be strikin lucky, but it’s not yet on my side
I Wanna live to the max, up high you n I glide
I’m Worried about reality, don’t wanna kill my pride
Livin pure, feeling fucked, daydreams got us fried
But I’ve been solo for so long, unsure how to cope
Say it’s time to move on, find a new source of hope
It’s time to face facts, time to broaden my scope
Gotta find a new reason, change my approach
I Wanna stare at the clouds, alone as I babble
Wanna dream real big, the limelight I dazzle
So now alone I’m drippin’, in daydreams we dabble
Making my own fantasy, hiphop king, own castle
Me n you on the throne, sat sharing the crown
Me n you fall in love, be the talk of the town
But this lifes got me lonely, guess it’s got me down
So I’m trapped in my mind, all this shit I may drown
Now I’m Sat up in the clouds, these dreams got me trippin’
I wanna do my own shit, my real life I’m not livin’
Droppin’ pennies in a well, well I guess I’m wishin’
Alone we all be drippin, all alone I’m sat spittin’

Have you truly ever opened your eyes and looked at the world around you and seen what reality is and has the potential to be. But we are restrained. Only once you have dripped on daydreams can you truly see what life could be if we were simply given the possibility to achieve greatness.

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