Chris Perez Band – Shelter lyrics

person Cuslifolder_openNexusaccess_time May 16, 2018

Let me be your shelter… [Verse 1]
Well all right you gave it all up for a dream
Fate proved unkind
To lock the door and leave no key
You’re unsure
Well baby I’m scared too
When the world crushes you

Let me be you’re shelter shelter
From the storm outside
Let me be your shelter shelter
From the endless tide

[Verse 2]
Disillusion has an edge so sharp
It tears at your soul
And leaves a stain upon your heart
I need you to wash mine clean
You’ve felt it too
And you need me


Your struggle with darkness has left you blind
I’ll light the fire in your eyes




Let me be your shelter… Let me be your shelter…

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