The Last Neocon

The Last Neocon
The 2011 election cycle was the first on record when a majority of Canadian Jews opted for the Tories. The trend is clear: Harper's toughest foreign-policy stances over the years have either resonated deeply with his political base or made for great …
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Canada's Middle East Relations: Time to Pivot
Fifteen thousand Saudi students study in Canadian universities, representing the fourth source country of foreign students to the country.[1] Canada imports C$ 2.6 billion and exports C$ 1.2 billion to the country, with Canadian investment in Saudi …
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Relations with Russia will be Canada's foreign policy barometre
In the recent Maclean's televised leaders debate, the Ukraine conflict and the question of our relationship with Russia received virtually no attention at all, despite an entire half-hour segment having been dedicated to foreign policy. This is deeply …
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AFL to feature USA v Canada ruck duel
Two years after being inspired by Mike Pyke's trailblazing AFL achievements, Jason Holmes will ruck against him in a Canada v USA duel. Pyke and Holmes will probably contest the opening bounce when St Kilda host Sydney on Sunday at Etihad Stadium.
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Royal Bank of Canada Is a Screaming Buy at Under Per Share
RBC also has more exposure to western Canada, while TD has more exposure to Ontario and the United States. Furthermore, RBC is more focused on the risky capital markets business than TD is. And finally, RBC is trying to grow its footprint in Europe, …
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Canada falls to U.S. in Ottawa
Sweat sprays in the air as Team USA's Thretton Palamo (left) tries to take down Team Canada's Conor Trainor during the first half of an international rugby test match in Ottawa on Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015. USA won 42-23. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang.
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Vendor Relations Continue To Deteriorate Suppliers Collectively Denounce States United States

States United States Electric did not expect, appliance suppliers actually together, their collective condemnation issue.

11 15, more than 20 home appliance supplier in Chongqing together, formed a club known as JD, to join together “to resist

Appliance Retail Business press “and to safeguard their own interests.

Learned that the club’s members are mainly household electrical appliance enterprises in Chongqing branch or branches responsible person, it is learned, there are

Skyworth , TCL , Konka , Chang , Hisense , Beauty, Kelon , Xiamen Overseas Chinese,

Galanz , Hualing, Electrolux, Side too , Vantage, etc.. That is, their self-proclaimed “home appliance manufacturers (suppliers) Analysis of the Regional Representatives.”

The JD club after the establishment of the first act is to issue the “Chongqing appliance manufacturers (suppliers) to the country on behalf of the United States in an open letter.”

In the open letter, these suppliers to set out a series of Chongqing Gome “intolerable act”: to the supplier without authorization, price cuts, assessed all costs, payment default, forcing U.S. manufacturers to join the new shop and other countries require States United States to correct.

Chongqing Electric TCL Sell Greenfield told reporters, general manager, these things have become commonplace in the States United States. For example, he “bought out last week’s 1000 U.S. country hit 8.5 fold of the activity, did not notify us in the case, took out several of our models to discount.” Greenfield said that the most serious one is selling a

Taiwan Power Company A Samsung TV sets donated Video camera , Manufacturers have to take the money.

States United States also “owed money.” Beginning in February of this year? TCL cooperation with the Chongqing States United States there are some obstacles, TCL has therefore stopped supplying more than half a year. Result of a “Results section, the country come up with a 29 million U.S. list so that we recognize and want to directly deducted from our money, but we

Finance U.S. personnel to the country for two months did not find on our debts, so we do not recognize the results to the end state the United States shall not. “For this reason, the United States last year, Chongqing, China TCL to do with the 2000 million

Contract Business and only do a few million this year.

Skyworth Sales General Manager of Chongqing, said soldiers left, by agreement, manufacturers ship your order 10-15 days after the country into the United States should pay to the manufacturers, but the reality is that to date, the country requires U.S. manufacturers to its assessed cost of clearing the payment only to the manufacturers, and “many small household electrical appliances until three or four months delay of payment, just give cash, but to a accept a draft.”

In addition, the high GOME slotting allowance, but also having a hard time for public companies. “Slotting allowance is a few million last year, the same position this year has risen to 10 million.” Greenfield said, this is not the most outrageous, in Nanjing, China last year, the United States of a slotting allowance 500,000 stores, has been rising this year to 1 million. Allegedly opened a new store every country have called for manufacturers to enter the United States, if not removed into the new store on the company’s products nationwide.

“States United States put together a variety of assessed fees have more than 20 kinds.” Left soldiers said that in Chongqing, each manufacturer must take one million -200 million in various costs, “apportioning costs in our accounted for 10% of the cost in more than. “

Pescod Air conditioning Liu Qiang, general manager of Chongqing branch, said, “Pescod have the same experiences.” GUO Yan, general manager of Changhong’s Chongqing branch, said “share.”

In an open letter to the States United States, these home appliance manufacturers declare “equality between vendors,” “any cooperation are not endless concessions.”

Letter, he said, household appliances manufacturers to “respect the legitimate interests of the country the United States.”

This, the country Hair Ho Yang Qing said the spokesman, issued a joint open letter public enterprises thing “to be confirmed,” because of his knowledge, at present only two companies signed.

His view, is that some people in the “malicious slander States United States.”

Ho Yang Qing said the U.S. State “never apportionments” behavior even with price cuts are “signed by both parties recognized”, and “there is no agreement, the cost price cuts are the countries the U.S. commitment.”

Slotting allowance for the problem of high, He Yang Ching believes that the current state in the United States a comprehensive gross margin around 11%, net profit is 2%, while foreign

Home appliance chain Consolidated gross profit of enterprises is more than 20%, from that point of view, the country received more U.S. manufacturers no slotting allowance.

Ho Yang Qing said the manufacturer for the formation of the past and focus on some issues, the National United States currently “doing adjustments.”

Home appliance chain and suppliers contradiction between the appliance industry has become a prominent issue. Last year in March, Gree air-conditioning giant, and national U.S. falling out, Gree products by country and artistic Withdraw, appliance factories, commercial conflicts between the public. But so far, this conflict there is not a viable mechanism of coordination to solve

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Servo Motor Repair USA,Canada,Servo Drive Repair USA,Canada

Ampion Industrial Servo & Controls Repair Inc. provides services like Electronics Repair Services USA, Canada, Servo Drive Repair, Industrial Servo Repair, Industrial Motor Repair, Industrial Servo & Controls Repair, Industrial Electronic Controls Repair, Industrial Repair & Manufacturing and specializes in Servo Motor Repair USA,Canada. Servo Motor Repair includes Mechanical faults, Electrical faults, and Electronic Faults.

Servo motors are complex by design and the manufacturing process requires specialized repair techniques. We are a dedicated servo motor repair facility. We have expertise to repair all types and makes of servo motors including DC and AC servo motors, spindle and stepper motors. Many square foot servo motor repair facility is designed especially for high-tech electromechanical repair. Ampion Industrial Servo & Controls Repair Inc. is the servo repair expert you can trust. Every device we are using and given to you is tested both statically and dynamically to insure proper operation.

We provide a wide variety of services including a free servo evaluation, expedited servo repair service and as always we provide best in class servo repair technical support. Servo Motor Parts are Bearings, Brakes, DC Parts, Feedback Devices, Complete Servo Motors, & Custom Machined Parts which are surely repaired while Servo Motor Repair Service. At the time of Servo Motor Repair Service, we need to have a good working relationship with the factory and original technical data to obtain the finite specifications of the servomotor which show the difference between whether the Servo motor repaired okay or it repaired as like when it was new, once when the Servo motor has been refurbished by Ampion. Our goal is to give you a Servo Motor that is not only repaired but has been refurbished back to as new condition.

Ampion Industrial Servo & Controls Repair Inc. also provides Industrial Repair Services which includes VFD drive repair, AC drive repair, DC drive repair, Servo controller repair, power supply repair, industrial PCB repair & more. You will get premium Servo Motor Repair service at very competitive prices at Ampion and our services are friendly & efficient which makes us different from others. We have provided our Servo Motor Repair services to Fanuc servo motor repair, Mitsubishi servo motor repair, Siemens servo motor repair, Kollmorgon Inland servo motor repair, Yaskawa Servo motor repair and 650 other leading servo motor brands across USA, Canada.

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Role of Federal Open Market Committee in Monetary policy of United States

Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is the group which makes the monetary policy for Federal Reserve System. FOMC makes significant decisions about the interest rates and growth of money supply of the United States.

The Federal Open Market Committee supervises the open market operations of the country. The open market operations are selling and buying of United States Treasury securities. It is basically the Federal Reserve committee which makes the key decisions about the growth and the interest rates of the money supply of United States.

The Federal Open Market Committee makes the principal component of national monetary policy of United States. The committee establishes the monetary policy by specifying short term objectives for all those operations that is presently a target level for federal funds rate. This is the rate which the commercial banks charge between themselves for the overnight loans.

The FOMC directs processes undertaken by Federal Reserve System in the foreign exchange markets, although the intervention in the foreign exchange markets is coordinated with US Treasury that has the responsibility for devising the US policies regarding exchange value of dollar.

There are a total of twelve voting members of FOMC, consisting of 7 members of the Board of Governors and 5 presidents of 12 Federal Reserve Banks. The President of Federal Reserve Bank of the New York is considered the permanent voting member of this Committee and presidents of other Reserve Banks serves the one year term as the voting members in rotation which is established by law.

9 of Reserve Bank Presidents have the right to vote one year out of each three, while Presidents of Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago and Cleveland vote in the alternate years. The President of the Federal Reserve Bank is the stable voting member of Committee and the president of other Reserve Banks serve the one year term as the voting members in rotation which is directed by law.

Going by law, the FOMC should meet at least 4 times a year, in the recent years; it needs to meet 8 times in a year. All meetings are attended by members of Board of Governors, the Presidents of 12 Federal Reserve Banks, and also by some of the senior Federal Reserve staff members.

The Federal Open Market Committee was developed by Banking Act 1933. At that time, the committee did not include the voting rights for Board of Governors. The Banking Act of the year 1935 revised all these protocols to include Board of Governors and to resemble the current day FOMC. It was amended in the year 1942 to offer us the present structure of 12 voting members, 7 members of Federal Reserve Board and 12 Federal Reserve Bank presidents.

All of Reserve Bank Presidents, and even those who’re currently voting as FOMC members, must attend the committee meetings. He should participate in the discussions and contribute to the assessment committee of the policy and economy options. The committee meets 8 times in a year, approximately once each 6 weeks.

FEDMINE is one of the most innovative & highly advanced web-based business intelligence tools for Federal Market Research. It is the most easy to use online service in today’s federal market and is a boon for the small firms involved in federal business.

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dB Noise Reduction, a proud new member of the Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc.

As of May 2015, dB Noise Reduction proudly became a member of AMCA and is actively participating on AMCA’s member-committees to assist in advancing the health, growth and integrity of the industry.

Founded in the United States in 1917, AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc.) is a not-for-profit trade association; an organization comprised of the manufacturers of fans, industrial fans, louvers, dampers, air curtains, air flow measurement devices, ducts, silencers (sound baffles, or acoustic attenuators) and other air system components for residential, commercial, industrial and heavy industrial applications.

AMCA has grown to over 330 member companies in 34 countries; providing an integrated forum for members as well as testing, certification and standards that govern the industry and promote integrity. AMCA’s strength lies in its’ ability to foster a collegial atmosphere among members; enabling even business-competitors to work together collaboratively to solve common issues facing the air movement and control industry.

dB Noise Reduction provides expertise in the design and manufacture of silencers, acoustical flex connectors and noise control systems that pair with the other AMCA member’s products as part of a complete air movement system. If silencers are what you need, please call us at 1-877-744-8601; or simply email us at If you wish to do your own selections using our web-based Silencer Selection Tool software, please register with us at

dB Noise Reduction has sales offices and manufacturing facilities in the USA, Canada and Mexico, serving North America and many international locations. Our capabilities include projects ranging from small, low cost solutions to complex multi-million dollar projects with a focus on customer satisfaction and custom engineered solutions.

In addition to silencers, dB Noise Reduction offers many other products and noise control solutions to suit a wide variety of conditions and applications – for more information on dB Noise Reduction’s capabilities and products please visit

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Catherine Sas Now Provides Legal Consultancy on Canadas Changing Immigration Programs

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) February 09, 2015

Catherine Sas, a leading immigration practitioner in Vancouver, BC, has recently announced the commencement of new and improved legal consultancy regarding the changing immigration programs in the country. With the alterations and suspensions of immigration to several categories, Canadian immigration has been able to clean up the backlog of applicants that are in the system already. Despite this, the system has been able to maintain its annual processing target of 250,000 immigrants each year. With so many rapid changes, it is hard for a layman to keep track of immigration law and understand its intricacies. Sas facilitates her clients to receive fair representation in all immigration matters and ensures that their legal rights are safeguarded in the process.

Understanding Immigration Law Changes

The immigration mix refers to the percentage of intake between the economic, family or humanitarian/refugee categories. But from a processing perspective, the mix can also be considered as between permanent and temporary immigration. In the past decade, there has been a shift toward temporary immigration streams, while permanent migration has remained relatively static. This can be substantiated by the statistics for the past ten years (between 2002 and 2012) that show that permanent migration has remained constant at approximately 250,000 immigrants per year.

Prior to the global recession in 2008, Canada had been experiencing strong economic growth coupled with a shortage of both skilled and unskilled workers. While the levels of foreign workers had been steadily increasing, Canada’s educational institutions had been attracting foreign students in greater numbers. At the same time, Canada was also experiencing a tremendous backlog in permanent residence applications. By 2008 a backlog of nearly 1 million applications was clogging the system with processing times taking up to ten years for some cases.

On the business side of things, Canada’s entrepreneur and investor programs have both been closed for several years while the government continues to process those applications previously submitted. Many immigrants are facing problems receiving the desired status due to the increased limitations and penalties. As a result, immigration lawyers are now becoming a necessity in Canada.

Catherine Sas is a leading immigration practitioner in Vancouver, BC. For more information on her services, log on to or email at csas(AT)

The United States Into Canada Found 6 Cases Of Public Health Emergencies

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Proxy Director of Bethel 26, announced that New York City and Ohio, respectively, as confirmed cases and one case of 8 Swine flu Patients, the pigs in the United States Influenza The total number of patients has reached 20. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano announced the same day, the United States into the public health emergency.

At the same time, Canada’s eastern and western Nova Scotia, British Columbia were also confirmed in four cases and two cases of swine flu.

Day before, Gibbs said the White House spokesman, had just returned from Mexico with President Obama “good health”, without any symptoms of swine flu. It is reported that Obama’s visit to Mexico this month during the anthropologist Felipe in Mexico? Solis, visited the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. Just a week later, the expert on sudden death, followed by news that the man died of “flu”, a statement that the United States of “serious concern.”

Bethel in the White House press briefing that the U.S. distribution of swine influenza patients are: California, 7 cases, 2 cases in Kansas and New York City, 8 cases, 1 case of Ohio, Texas, 2 cases . He said that although the United States and Mexico were infected with the influenza virus strains of the same pigs, but surprisingly, the United States are relatively mild condition of the patient, but there are people killed in Mexico. With the screening of the depth, the United States may find more of the virus.

The same day, Canada Nova Scotia public health department officials said the province’s four cases of confirmed cases from the same private school students, these students, aged between 12 and 18 years old, had first arrived in April of this year Mexico travel. It is reported that the swine influenza infection less severe, are recovering. Since the recent outbreak of swine flu epidemic in Mexico has been across Canada have taken a variety of early warning measures. Canada’s Foreign Ministry said that the Canadian government has formed an emergency response to the Commission, pay close attention to the latest outbreak of swine flu.

Southern neighbor the United States, Mexico is now the swine flu epidemic in the hardest hit. Mexico Ministry of Health’s latest epidemic report, Mexico has 81 suspected patients died of swine flu, since the April 13 first case of human infection with swine influenza cases to 25 major hospitals of Mexico has received a total of 1324 suspected cases of people. The last 24 hours, only the capital Mexico City alone there are five dead pigs suspected influenza patients (the total number of deaths rose to 15).

Mexico City mayor suggested that local residents not to enter the Chapultepec Park and San Juan Park two normal people are used to walking a large leisure park, to reduce the possibility of cross infection. He said the city decided to suspend the temporary capital of the Supreme Court and the tribunal’s activities, since April 27 to May 6, the city has the legal proceedings in civil and commercial trial will be suspended, only to keep criminal activities. The official also appealed to the public, the event of a flu signs and symptoms should seek medical care immediately.

New York City confirmed eight new infections were in Queens, a private middle school students. Over the past few days, which more than 100 high school students travel to Mexico after the city of Cancun Resort fever, sore throat and other symptoms, including 8 suffering from Type A influenza, the U.S. CDC to their virus samples to test confirm that they have been infected. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that relevant departments on more samples are tested to determine if more students infected with the swine flu.

With the swine flu outbreak, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced the United States into 26 public health emergency. It is learned that this is a response to such incidents “standard procedures”, the president took office in January, and a few months ago during the Minnesota, North Dakota, during the floods, authorities have declared a state of emergency. The future, from the swine flu has been found in patients with regional visitors may be asking health, suspected symptoms of swine flu appeared visitors will be isolated.

Concerned that the swine flu outbreak in the United States will not restrict entry of foreign tourists, but some visitors may be asked to undergo the relevant tests.

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GAO Report Misleads Congress on Safety of International Online Pharmacies, Says New Report

White Plains, NY (PRWEB) February 18, 2015

The leaders of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions each received a comprehensive report countering a GAO report[1] on Internet pharmacies. Written by Gabriel Levitt, vice president of, the report corrects the public record and informs elected officials and the healthcare community about online pharmacy safety and affordability. Mr. Levitt stated:

“The GAO report wrongly labels safe foreign online pharmacies as rogue online pharmacies. This misrepresentation is leading to misguided policies that hinder online access to safe and affordable medication.”

“According to the CDC, about five million Americans personally import prescription drugs from foreign sources each year due to high domestic drug prices. Safe international online pharmacies are a lifeline of affordable medication for Americans. Ill-considered federal enforcement or private actions will lead more Americans to skip needed medication, which leads to more hospitalizations, sickness and death.”

According to the new report, there are critical errors of auditing standards, omission, fact, or analysis, found in the GAO report about Internet pharmacies, such as those identified below:

1.    The GAO report doesn’t meet Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) because it relies almost exclusively on sources biased against safe personal drug importation, particularly the U.S. pharmaceutical and pharmacy industries.

The analysis and conclusions found in the GAO report are overly reliant on stakeholders who have significant financial interests in the audit’s outcome, such as pharmaceutical companies and U.S. pharmacies, as well as the associations and groups they fund.

GAGAS standards require that audits exercise “reasonable care and professional skepticism… Professional skepticism is an attitude that includes a questioning mind and a critical assessment of evidence.”[2] Mr. Levitt’s report demonstrates that the GAO s relies on data it was presented by industry sources, and the FDA, without a “questioning mind and a critical assessment of evidence.”

2.    The GAO report omits critical peer-reviewed studies and even its own earlier conclusions about online pharmacies.

Peer-reviewed research clearly demonstrates the authenticity and safety of medications ordered from foreign, credentialed online pharmacies that require valid prescriptions, including hundreds of orders placed with foreign pharmacies verified by [3]. Furthermore, GAO’s earlier research clearly showed that many Canadian online pharmacies are safe [4].

3.    The GAO report mentions Section 708 of the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA) only once in a footnote to explain that the law expands federal authority to destroy imported prescription orders, but does not explore the unintended consequences of seizing and destroying medications imported for personal use.

In contrast, Senators Charles Grassley (R-IA), Dean Heller (R-NV), Angus King (I-ME), David Vitter (R-LA) expressed serious concerns about the “potential health threat to hundreds of thousands of Americans” from Section 708 [5]. Congressman Keith Ellison wrote the FDA about many of his constituents, underscoring that Section 708 will impede their access to safe and affordable medication [6].

4.    The GAO report wrongly identifies a safe international online pharmacy – – as a “rogue.” was wrongly labeled a “rogue” pharmacy in the GAO report, despite its record of safety. In fact, due to its verifiable licensure, long history of pharmacy safety, and website transparency, could be used as a good example of how Americans are benefiting from lower cost medications from other countries.

5.    The GAO report doesn’t fully analyze or explain FDA survey data relating to how many Americans are using online pharmacies, potentially encouraging confusion about the problem’s scope.

GAO writes: “According to a recent survey conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)… nearly one in four adult U.S. Internet consumers surveyed reported purchasing prescription drugs online. At the same time, nearly 30 percent said that they lacked confidence about how to safely purchase medicine online. This is a matter of grave concern as rogue Internet pharmacies may sell products that, among other things, have expired; been labeled, stored, or shipped improperly; and may even be counterfeits—unauthorized versions—of other drugs.”

The GAO report omits a crucial finding of FDA’s data: while 23% of American adults may have bought medication online, 83% of them buy medication from U.S. online pharmacies “associated with their health insurance” [7]. These figures and further analysis demonstrate that less than 4% (not “one in four”) Americans are purchasing from unsafe or foreign online pharmacies.

6.    The GAO report doesn’t recognize that Americans can and do benefit from Canadian and other foreign pharmacies accessed online, yet its lead author has, elsewhere, noted the benefits of personal drug importation via online pharmacies.

In an interview on GAO Live, the lead author of the GAO report spoke with a consumer who orders from a Canadian online pharmacy and stated that if the patient has “done some kind of verification that it’s a Canadian pharmacy, and she knows that the drug she has been receiving is the drug that has been prescribed, that’s fine”[8]. This position is not included in the GAO report.

To read and download the whole report for free go to ( is the only independent company that verifies U.S. and international online pharmacies and compares prescription drug prices. It was formed in 2002 when its founder, Tod Cooperman, M.D., saw that increasing numbers of Americans were looking on the Internet to save money on medication but did not have adequate information to protect their health. is a stakeholder in the online consumer-driven healthcare community, seeking an open Internet environment that promotes innovation and new business models, especially those that serve the public interest.


[1] Internet Pharmacies: Federal Agencies and States Face Challenges Combatting Rogue Sites, Particularly Abroad, GAO-13-560 (Washington, D.C. July 2013)..

[2] Government Auditing Standards, GAO-12-331G (Washington, D.C., December 2011).

[3] Bate, Roger, Ginger Zhe Jin, and Aparna Mather, “In Whom We Trust: The Role of Certification Agencies in Online Drug Markets,” The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy. December 2013, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 111–150, ISSN (Online) 1935-1682, ISSN (Print) 2194-6108, DOI.

[4] Internet Pharmacies: Some Pose Safety Risks for Consumers, GAO-04-820 (Washington, D.C.: June 17, 2004).

[5] U.S. Senator David Vitter, “Vitter Fights to Keep Prescription Drug Prices Affordable Through Reimportation,” July 9, 2014 [press release].

[6] Letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by Congressman Keith Ellison dated July 1st, 2014.

[7] FDA Consumer Survey Highlights: “FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) conducted a behavioral assessment survey to understand the knowledge, attitudes and practices associated with purchasing prescription medicine from online pharmacies in May 2012.”

[8] See point no. 6 to link to the relevant clip of an interview with Marcia Crosse, Ask GAO Live: Chat on Internet Pharmacies, August 12th, 2013.

All About Photography Schools In Canada And The United States

Photography used to be viewed as just solely as a hobby and possible side job. Of course, you can’t be a photographer without expensive equipment and programs! Well, that’s one of the misconceptions of being a photographer. While that used to be the case before the evolution of technology, it’s different now. More and more people are realizing that photography can be a great and rewarding career choice. With today’s technology and computer software anyone with talent, training, experience and passion can do it! Photography schools in Canada and the United States are growing in popularity due to the growing career choice.

Although someone may have talent and learning on the job is one of the best ways to absorb information, it is better to have the background of a course. That way, you learn the fundamentals and education behind photography. Some individuals, when choosing a photographer, look for experience and training in their resume. They want someone who will capture their product, child or event perfectly. The training will teach you the basics of the camera, how to shoot with different effects, lens and flash attachments, shooting in various conditions, how to shoot creatively and lighting in your photos.

In a photography school you can even choose a specialization to get training specifically for the photography field you want to go into. (Wedding, Child, General, Media, Celebrity or Model) Believe it or not, photographers are even used in many career fields that you wouldn’t think of! (Food, Forensic, Crime Scene, Fine Arts, etc…) That’s how cops solve their cases, how photos get in magazines, menus and billboards. It’s how families capture memories!

Photo Journalism is probably one of the most popular fields to get into after graduation. What this field is, is basically news photography. Rather than a print journalist that tells their story through words, a photo journalist tells their story through photos. They usually aide the writer and take photographs that further the story that is being written. The subject for these photos can be very wide ranged. They are often hired by print media or news outlets to work with their reporters. Photo journalists are important to media because without imagery you just have mundane everyday stories. People want to see what they’re hearing about.

With an education and background in photography, you will have the opportunity to learn the business side of photography as well. Since many photographers start their own businesses in the future, you really need to have business skills to help you compete in the wide world of photography. Sure you may have a lot of talent, but without someone knowing that you won’t have clients. It definitely takes a lot of time and money to invest in your business, they want to make sure that you do it right.

Not only will you learn photography skills, you’ll also learn the computer and web part of it. There is a lot that goes into making a photographer one that can actually do it all and be successful. The more you can offer, the more you can make. You truly want to be the jack of all trades in the photography world. Let’s say you’re a photographer and taking photos of your subject and when you get to upload your photos you see that your pictures need an extra something. Maybe the lighting isn’t perfect, there is a flaw on your model, a bug flew in front of your lens at the exact moment the shutter went off… There are many reasons that your photos might not be perfect. In that case, you don’t want to waste time and space! You’ll need to do some photo editing. It is true that many photographers hire a graphic designer or someone who is a specialist in photo retouching, but if you can do it yourself, you’ll be saving money and actually bringing more into your company. Schooling will teach you this side, how to use the photo editing programs, settings, controls adjustments to add that extra touch to your photos, maybe make them more dramatic or add or remove something from the photo. Photo editing is actually very fun and interesting.

One of the best and most exciting things is working aside professional photographers as professors. Maybe one of your professors is an award winning photographer, maybe they’ve worked with interesting celebrities or various media outlets. Professors at photography school actually have great stories to tell because of their extensive background and many experiences. You’ll definitely have the benefit of learning from their actual real world experiences and learn from their knowledge about the career field that they work in.

There are a number of photography schools in Canada and the United States to take advantage of. The growing number of people who go into art or photography schools out of high school is enough to realize just how popular that field currently is. With a degree in photography, you can really get a great career or start your own business. You can generate a lot of income in various ways through the various fields.

Ready to channel your inner creativity in an art institute? Enrol in a photography school for photography or one of the many fine photography schools in canada. The career you dreamed of may be just around the corner.

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Check out this illuminating Polymer Bank Note infographic from the Bank of Canada:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Canada's New $50 and $100 'Indestructible' Bills Can Melt

In Nov. 2012 and earlier this year, the Bank of Canada released new $50 and $100 Canadian bills.  The key differences:  These bills are forged from polymers, not paper.  (I, foolishly, assumed polymer was just fancy code for plastic--but was wrong.)

But now in circulation, some Canadians are finding one flaw with these super tough, environmentally friendly bills.  

Under certain conditions they will curl up like bacon in a frying pan.
“The Bank of Canada cannot rule out that polymer notes may be damaged under certain extraordinary conditions,” Julie Girard, a currency spokesperson for the Bank of Canada, told the Star Thursday.
According to various reports, the so-called indestructible polymer bills will shrink under intense heat, be it the inside of a car or placed next to a heat source.
The new $100 bills cost 19 cents each to produce — almost twice that of paper bills — but are said to last 2.5 times longer, or about 19 years, than the paper cousin and are resistant to tearing and water damage. The new bills also have hidden security features, including transparent holograms, making them difficult to counterfeit.
Check out this illuminating Polymer Bank Note infographic from the Bank of Canada:

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What...My Verizon Phone Will Work on Both Sides of the Canada-U.S. Border? Verizon May Enter the Canadian Marketplace, Ending One of the Most Recognizable Canada-U.S. Digital Border Barriers

One of the most recognizable Canada-U.S. border barriers may soon fall.

So, are you one of the many cross-border travelers who detests either (a) having two phones or (b) adjusting to life without your Verizon cell phone?

Well, your stress may soon be over. (Oh, also, Canadians may see more options for watching NHL and NFL games.)

From Michael Geist
Reports that U.S. telecom giant Verizon may be preparing to enter the Canadian market has sparked considerable speculation on the likely impact of a company with a market cap greater than Bell, Rogers, and Telus combined. While much of the discussion has centered on wireless pricing, the more significant development may be the shift toward a single North American communications market.


The prospect of a Verizon entry into Canada would put a single communications market into overdrive. On the telecom side, Verizon could use its Canadian network to change the approach to roaming in North America altogether, since it would be uniquely positioned to offer a single U.S. and Canadian network. 
The company could move to eliminate roaming fees for U.S. and Canadian customers, while offering cost-competitive U.S. and Canadian roaming together for international providers establishing wholesale roaming agreements. Such a plan would obviously be attractive to the corporate sector as well as regular cross-border travellers, leading to the gradual elimination of roaming and long distance charges for calls throughout North America.

On the broadcasting side, Verizon holds exclusive U.S. rights to both the National Football League and the National Hockey League. Those rights are currently held by BCE in Canada, but a Verizon entry into Canada could shake things up. Verizon could presumably complicate the BCE rights by offering free access to NFL and NHL games to Canadian customers when they travel to the U.S. More interestingly, it could make a play for joint U.S.-Canada rights in the future, moving closer to an elimination of the geographic divide on content rights.


With satellite radio and Internet video already close to a single market, regulatory reform to longstanding policies such as simultaneous substitution a possibility, and the geographic lines on telecom, content, and broadcast distribution all increasingly blurred, the big question may be whether Canada is closing in on a common North American communications market.

Friday, June 28, 2013

RIP RIM's Blackberry Playbook; Update on RIM's Non-Demise Demise

By Keith Edmund White

Canada's tech-juggernaut, Research in Motion ("RIM"), now trading as Blackberry, is still adapting to the new world of mobile devices, but its still on path to release a new generations of devices--which can hopefully return this company to premier status.

(Check out Justin McNeil 2012 post The Decline and Fall of the Blackberry Empire.)

First, WSJ reports on Blackberry's 1st quarter loss (and likely 2nd quarter loss), because of Venezuelan foreign currency restrictions.  

(Learn more about Venezuela's long-standing currency issues in this handy Economist article.)

And, yes, Blackberry continues to lose subscribers, but it has the cash to push out its new generation of phones.

But, even when Blackberry does stuff right, that doesn't mean success in this heavily competitive global marketplace for mobile devices.

From Lance Ulanoff's excellent op-ed in today's Mashable, Blackberry PlayBook Is as Good as Dead:

Today, BlackBerry (the company formerly known as RIM) essentially put a nail in the PlayBook coffin by announcing that it would not be converted to the new Blackberry 10 OS. That mobile OS is clearly the future of the company. QNX, though, bought and now developed by BlackBerry, is the past. 
In a Q1 2014 earnings press release, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins outlined the company’s near-term strategy: “Throughout the remainder of fiscal 2014, the company will invest in BlackBerry 10 smartphone launches, and the roll out of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, to continue to establish the new BlackBerry 10 platform in the marketplace.”
Will Blackberry ever build another tablet? If Heins can turn BB10 and its flagship phones into a success, then yes. But the signs are not promising. From the earnings statement:
“The smartphone market remains highly competitive, making it difficult to estimate units, revenue and levels of profitability ... Based on the competitive market dynamics and these investments, the company anticipates it will generate an operating loss in the second quarter.”
With this kind of fiscal outlook, it’s unlikely the company will invest heavily in new initiatives like rebooting its 7-inch tablet product line. 
So, PlayBook, it was nice knowing you. You were, in fact, impressive and innovative for your time. Your features like cards (at least on a tablet), swipe from bevel, true multitasking, wireless content sharing and more have all been copied by more successful mobile companies.
I guess you can take solace in that.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Video: Yesterday's WWC Cyber-Security Event Featuring U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

Watch yesterday's Woodrow Wilson Center event on on Cyber-Security and public-private partnerships.

For a good, if now out-dated, recap on public-private partnerships & cyber-security, check out this Feb. 2011 article by Lawrence P. Farrell Jr.

Sequester's Bite: House Dem. Report Details U.S. Cutbacks to Critical Canada-U.S. Spending Priorities

BTBObserver shines light on a recent report documenting sequestration's impact on federal agencies, highlight cuts that affect the Canada-U.S. bilateral relationship:
The House Committee on Appropriations Democrats released a report detailing the considerable impact sequestration is having on important federal programs
Below are excerpts from the must-read report pertaining to the Canada-U.S. relationship:

Airport safety and wait times: …Sequestration reduced Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) FY 2013 appropriated dollars by approximately $600 million, which required CBP to reduce overtime for CBP Officers (CBPO) beginning in early March. These cuts have already led to significant increases in wait times at air ports of entry. (Page 5).

Overall, USCG expects to have approximately 20-50 percent fewer assets in the offshore patrol areas for migrant and drug interdiction at various times over the next several months. The Coast Guard expects to submit a reprogramming request in the next few weeks that will mitigate some of the impacts, but will likely not completely restore planned interdiction patrols. (Page 6).

Ports of Entry: As noted above, sequestration reduced Customs Border Protection Officer (CBPO) overtime availability at the Nation’s ports. This slows the movement of goods across the border and impedes U.S. capacity to facilitate and expedite cargo, adding costs to the supply chain and diminishing global competitiveness.

Land border truck wait times have increased significantly.
  • Del Rio and Mariposa both reported wait times of 120 minutes; normal wait times average 15 minutes for both locations.
  • Pharr Cargo reported wait times of 105 minutes; normal wait times average 15 minutes.
  • Detroit Fort Street Cargo reported wait times of 60 minutes; normal wait times average 5 minutes.
  • Other POEs with wait time increases: Nogales, Peace Bridge, Progreso, and Rainbow Bridge. (Pages 18-19).
Maritime cargo also faced delays: LA/Long Beach reported container release delays of 144 hrs (6 days) and Port Everglades and Miami Seaport reported container delays up to 48 hours. And cruise ships saw the effects of reduced CBPO overtime. Los Angeles and Port Everglades reported increased processing times of 6.5 hours; normal processing time is 4 hours.

Sequestration will also affect Border Patrol coverage between ports of entry, but DHS is still attempting to find additional savings. CBP expects to submit a reprogramming notification soon to mitigate some of these impacts and to prevent the need to furlough CBPOs for an estimated 3-4 days. (Pages 18-19).
Read the entire report here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Canada Needs Three Arctic Ports - Fmr. Canadian Northern Forces Commander

The Hill Times offers this editorial from Pierre Leblanc, former Canadian Northern Forces commander and current President of Canadian Diamond Consultants, Inc., urging Canada to construct three Arctic ports:
Canada needs three ports in the Arctic: on its West Coast, in the centre of the archipelago, and on the East Coast.

There is near-unanimous agreement that the Arctic is warming at about twice the rate of global warming elsewhere. There is also clear evidence that the arctic polar ice cap is fast disappearing. Human activity in the Arctic is increasing exponentially as the Arctic becomes increasingly accessible. Maritime traffic has grown significantly.

The U.S. Coast Guard has reported that commercial maritime traffic through the Northern Sea Route along the Russian Coast increased tenfold between 2010 and 2012. Canada’s Northwest Passage was free of ice in 2007, years ahead of scientific predictions. It has been free of ice every summer since.

There is growing interest in harvesting the natural resources that have been shielded by the permanent polar ice cap. This will naturally lead to further increases in human activity and a greater incidence of search and rescue operations and maritime accidents. Such incidents could lead to an environmental catastrophe, in what is recognised as a very fragile environment with a short vertical food chain. Almost any major accident in the Arctic will affect the “human security” of its inhabitants.


Nunavut Premier Eva Aariak has stated that one of the anchors of sovereignty in the Canadian Arctic is having healthy communities. By investing and developing ports such as those proposed, the federal government could put concrete action behind Minister Leona Aglukkaq’s stated desire to develop the Arctic during Canada’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council. It would create a significant number of long term well-paying jobs for the communities in and around those ports. “Build a road and they will come” it is said. In the Canadian Arctic, ports will attract business. In so doing, Canada would also improve greatly its ability to deal with SAR [search and rescue] and marine pollution and meet its international commitments.